Elecom launches NanoSSDs for direct plug-ins to the motherboard

by anoop

The NanoSSDs come in capacities of 8GB and 16GB and you can directly plug into the SATA ports of your motherboard. They also come with decent 75MB per second and 30MB per second write speeds and have dimensions of only 25 x 39 x 6.5mm. Elecom is trying to market these as a quicker startup drive in regular systems or even in a primary drive. Unless I am actually missing something here this is definitely stupid because the square format will block all the adjacent SATA ports which means your system capacity is severely limited. Elecom doesn’t seem to understand that much larger SSDs are available out there in much better prices, so I don’t understand the speed crap they have written about. So somebody please advise me if I am wrong here. But if some of you are really interested they are available for pre-order from GeekStuff4U at an unknown price. I will wait till I get more analysis on what they are really trying to prove here with those SSDs of theirs!