Elecom USB sticks for women makes a good accessory

by Gareth Mankoo

Many of the fairer sex pick gizmos based on how well they’d go with their overall style. Now it would seem appropriate if things as trivial and easily passable as USB drives were to live up to the whims of women. Hence the Elecom USB sticks, namely the MF-SAU2 and MF-XWU3 series would seem just apt. The latter offers cap-free housing and runs on USB 3.0. With speeds of 60 million bytes per read, the recipes and vain pajama party images can just flow at top speed. It is available in Bitter Brown, Raspberry Pink and Strawberry Pink. The MF-SAU2 comes with an attached microB adapter.

The MF-SAU2 comes in 8GB/16GB/32GB variants while the MF-XWU3 comes in 8GB/16GB size options. The pricing of both models isn’t known.


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