EJK’s revolutionary contact less Thermometer

by Dhiram Shah

Over the years the plain old mercury thermometer has evolved to a digital one, but still needs body contact for temperature reading. The Japs have come up with a contactless thermometer manufactured by EJK. Just place it near the skin and you get accurate readings in under 3 seconds. It detects the infrared ray emitted by the body due to heat generation. The contact less thermometer saves a lot of time as it takes only 3 seconds where as traditional thermometers take 60 to 90 seconds for temperature reading. The main advantage is that being contact less there is no need for sterilization after use. The unit is 16 centimeters in length and weighs 99 grams.

The contact less Thermometer from EJK will be available from Feb 1 st in Japan for 25,000 Yen ($ 215).
Via – EJK and Akihabaranews