E-Ink technology beautifies beautiful Horodron HD-01 concept watch

by Gareth Mankoo

We’ve seen E-Ink making itself an integral part of e-reader and now in its full flourish, we have an exciting and cool watch called the Horodron HD-01. The watch is a concept and has E-Ink all over it with a glossy black metal look that’s embellished with with small chrome parts that add to the beauty. The watch is described to be a double-down since it uses E-Ink for form and function. It has two buttons on it that are used to adjust the time. The bottom display tells the time while the perpendicular displays tell you the date, the day, and more.

The design by Jonathan Frey is good enough to be a unisexual offering for savvy dudes and sleek chicks who’d like to dawn some macho, geeko timeware. It’s a concept as yet so there’s some more work on it that we may see before it rolls out for sure.

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