Eggcentric artist drops the yolk on Netherlands with Super Duper sized Sunny Side Up Art Eggcident piece

by Shayne Rana

I’ve never been able to understand art or artists for that matter but I’m nevertheless totally fascinated by it, in all its variations. I’m particularly fond of artists who use real life places and add their own spin to funk up the place. For example Dutch artist Henk Hofstra showed off his larger than life piece called “Art Eggcident” recently in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. To cut to the chase, his work makes it seem like the Gods form heaven on high simply misjudged the frying pan and eggs came down SPLAT! So what we have here are a total of eight 100 foot wide eggs on concrete, sunny side up. His next work might be a side order or extreme supersizes strips of bacon. Henk says he wants his art to – evoke emotion or provoke wild laughter. It took the ‘eggcentric’ artist two days to complete working for several hours a day but the whole process of getting companies to meet, getting the design in place and meeting with various city authorities took four months. Even the red tape didn’t slow down for breakfast.

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