EcoATM self-serve e-cycling station

by shilpa

Fun ATM machine this is, and green too. At the Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha, you can recycle your phones and get an in-store trade-up coupon or gift card. This self-serve e-cycling station electronically inspects the phones and then assigns them through real-time a secondary market value followed by providing you an in-store payment. If it’s worth something, you will get a voucher but if it isn’t then is gets recycled or refurbished. The kiosk is set up by EcoATM and is having a test period before they decide to start high scale production. When it was first introduced in the stores, 23 phones went into the recycle bin and the Mart bought back over $100 in phones on day two, including a perfect BlackBerry Curve.

How smart. They are also planning to get the EcoATMs to be able to recognize other gadgets such as MP3 players, digital cameras, notebooks, printers and storage devices.