eBook Reading on the iPhone is a pleasant experience

by yogesh

I just came across this review on the eBook reader on the iPhone, and thought it worth mentioning on our pages. The dBelement team, who previously did the apps noter and Mind Dojo, has impressed the reviewer with their latest endeavor. The app boasts of “a very intuitive interface”, plus the “main book shelf is absolutely gorgeous, and pleasure to use.” With words of encouragement like these, the app seems to be one exciting experience. Features include interactive icons that open on touching, one touch scrolling, no menus; everything is laid out neatly, and you automatically jump to the next page. To scroll down you can simply press the lower half of the screen, to change various settings, you need to just touch the middle and instantly you will have a plethora of settings at your disposal. There is no import button; just a text field, Open up reader on your PC and copy and paste your entire book into the text field! As long as you can open your book on your PC you can have that book on your reader! The books are automatically reformatted to fit the iPhone and if you input a book that is too large reader will “auto-split” to book into parts.

Managing your book shelf is very easy. And the good news is that this apps is free!