Easton-Bells To Unveil Dedicated Light-weight Helmet for Basketball Pitchers

by ruchi

Easton Bells along with its various subsidiaries Bell Racing Company, Bell Powersports and Riddell football helmet has long been in the business of making class-apart helmets. It has now stepped into the business of creating protective head gear for pitchers in baseball. The yet-to-be-announced helmet is being developed by this sports brand as a part of its effort to bring down the number of perilous brain injuries striking young athletes.

This Pitcher’s helmet is made from expanded polystyrene which is a super-lightweight material designed to absorb energy. So this helmet doesn’t interfere with the pitcher’s focus and agility owing to its featherweight and still protect their head from any unfortunate hits. Easton is looking forward to unveil these helmets in fall this year. It also plans to dish out similarly designed helmets for other sports.

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