Ear Case turns iPhone 4 into a giant ear

by Gavril Mankoo

We’ve seen mobile cases for the iPhone 4 before. None of those however have really left a mark when it comes to innovativeness and hilarity in design! Take the Ear Case for example. Developed by Thumbs Up, the case makes you look like a certain member of the Royal Family, and given that the designer’s based in UK, we’re pretty sure we’ve found the root of inspiration for this one. Made of silicon rubber, the case holds the iPhone snug in place and is sure to raise eyebrows around you. However, being a bit too large for most of our pockets, this case isn’t that smart a purchase for day-to-day use, unless you work as a big-eared mascot that is. And yes, the £12.99 case lacks a hole for the camera, so unless you’re willing pierce to give your big ear case, snapping pictures with your iPhone 4 will just wind up more troublesome than ever!


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