Eagle Jaguar E-Type Speedster relives the 60s

by Gareth Mankoo

The resurrection of a classic Jaguar can surely bring about some grin to the faces of those who worship the cars beyond the brand. The Eagle Jaguar E-Type Speedster enters the ring with some exciting retained design from the 60s model that it is inspired from. Besides the resounding similarity from the previous model, the car has all new features married to the design. You have an all-aluminum body, a custom windshield glass, custom rims with 3-eared spinners, a ‘waterfall console’, a powerful Eagle 4.7 liter engine and a 5-speed gearbox to do you some speed justice.

You aren’t about to see something like this in the near future, not from Jaguar at least. So make merry with the idea of the grand revival.