E Ink display for Phosphor watches by Art Technology

by shilpa

Sometime ago electronic ink was introduced by E Ink for electronic book readers with its black and white display. Now, Art Technology, a watchmaker, took this advancement a step further by introducing it in a watch (duh!) called the Phosphor. This new watch will be shaped in a curved display structure. The watch however will be very much like an analog watch, as in your normal Titan watch where you need to use your mobile phone to check time in the theatres. The watch uses the E Ink display which consumes very little power, requires no backlights and is easily readable in sunlight.

Its features are that is water resistant and offers five different modes, including digital time, analog time, date, alarm and calendar. Demerits are that it doesn’t refresh instantly and it can seem a bit slow, especially while changing modes or setting the time and also that it has no backlight making it haed to use in dark environments. Prices range from $175 to $195 depending on the band and are available on the company’s website.