D-Wade Sidekick 3: All Gold and White

by Dhiram Shah

All Dwayne Wade fans and all lovers of gold and white gizmos, jump for this one! What we have here is pretty much of what was seen earlier, just that it’s in another hue and feel. It is in fact the same very Sidekick 3 that was sniffed sometime back. The difference is that this one’s customized by and for Dwayne Wade, the Miami Heats guy. The body gives the feel of one holding a basketball, thanks to the texture used at the back. Mr. Wade has been a Sidekick user for around three years now so he deserves this accolade. As expected, this one rides the GSM 850/1800/1900 band and provides 3G support. Something I really didn’t like of this rendition is the pick of colors. Gold and white doesn’t suit devices as cool as these. Well, the flashy ‘3′ displayed is a heart winner for fans of the man himself, so no complains of vanity there.

The D-Wade Sidekick 3 is a limited edition of the Sidekick. So make a dash for it soon, else miss out on it.


  1. KAYLA

    i love it but how much is it???? cause i stay fly and i got to get this one

  2. mike diaz

    yo dat sk3 is crack!!!! I got the original sk3 but how do i get that one>?

  3. Los camarena

    Yo D-Wade sk3 is kickn ass…but how much is.?.and when is it coming out.?.

  4. Jake Misila

    how much ??
    where can i get it ??

  5. kristie polanco

    how much is this sk3? is it going to be sold at every t-mobile store?

  6. John Graz

    nice sidekick but how much is the price going to be?


    CAN I GET IT at the T-mobile store or watcuz i want it NOW!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ruben

    $399 total, $299 with a 2-year contract. Comes out the February 21st. If you have the original now, you can upgrade but it’ll cost about $350 or so.

  9. mikkeee

    wait i just bought the sidekick 3 and i payed 250….they said i could return with in 14 days.. and exchange for any other phone or get a better phone and pay the difference..soo i would onlypy about 50 dollars right?

  10. raisa

    i alredi got it hahahahaah

  11. KEVIN


  12. asia

    i am totally going to get that phone.

  13. Lindsay

    My D Wade SIDEKICK 3 is on its way!! yea! This phone is a must have. Them otha B.S. Limited editions wasnt cuttin it! .. but this phone… this phone is gangsta!
    and YES i was crazy enough to pay all that money for the same exact phone I have now….(but in a different color) but its worth it!!!! 🙂

  14. Jauquese

    Lindsay, how did you get one? Please let me know so that I can order mine!

  15. lilmama

    what up d just stoping by to show you some love and also your new fone thta fone is cool but i have one sorry
    but i will talk to you later and tell your sister i said hi she know who i am cause i was cheering with her tell her to call me my real name is kiera teague

  16. d-xcan

    yo!!!!!! I want to get this sk3 so badly!!!!

  17. jerica

    I Want It!

  18. yesenia

    r u guys coming out with a new sidekick? bsides the D.wade 1 newer addition or even sidekick 4??

  19. Janixa

    bro plz tell me how much it is i want it!!!

  20. roxy

    i got the sidekick3 and i thought i’d never change my phone. when i hurd the dwade one comes out. i started saving money 4 it. but how much is it bro?!?!?!?!

  21. bigdej

    hahahahaha i got it mine waz onli 150 hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nah jus jokin but if u live in j.c like me u would c dat its onli 150 n no its not bootleg its da real thing baiiiiiiiiiiii lolololol

  22. OPD

    the d wade sidekick is 300 which is 100 more than the original if you buy it with a 2 year plan. it will run for 450 without a plan

  23. ruben

    mine was only 89 bucks suckas hahahahah dats cuz my uncle noes a manager of a tmobile place. i got dat shit cheap BALLIN!!!!!!!!!

  24. ariel

    how much is it? where can i get it? does it come with games on it? do you have to pay for the internet? and would it break if u drop it once?

  25. Mye Mye

    i need my sidekick like asap how can i get it

  26. Madi Phillips

    That phone is hella sick!! I want it soo bad! Dude that got it for 89 bucks send me one!!

  27. mr ballin

    yo that thing is tight i want 1 soo bad how much is it.
    it looks so awsome i want to buy 1 but i only have 100 bucks

  28. christen

    this is the best phone EVER! it would be a shame if someone lost it!

  29. rico

    Yo i’ll buy anybodies sk3 d-wade phone. any price

  30. rissababy

    Ayo…….. my ex just lost his sidekick3 and i wsnt 2 buy him a new 1 4 his birthday…. How much is it?????

  31. stretch

    i have this phone and it is of the HOOK! highly recomended but dont put in case because it makes the back black and keep the basketball material clean or else you wont like it

  32. Denis

    yo guys…let me know online address where can i order that phone!!!

  33. Mariah

    Yeah.. I got it but I’m not really happy with it… the back cover is all messed up when all I did was take care of it. It looks like it would be dirty but its just like.. fading I guess. And then the t mobile people would only replace the actual phone. Any way I can get a new back cover??

  34. denise brown

    Where can i get a D-Wade sidekick from?Right now i have the red pearl but i want that d wade bad

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