DVDO Mobile HD Travel Kit for the mediaholic traveler

by Gareth Mankoo

Travelers aren’t really picky people. A hobby that involves discomforts in all shapes and sizes is capable of making these happy, no matter what. Yet, there may be exceptions of those would only like media if delivered in HD. That’s where the DVDO Mobile HD Travel Kit can score big with everything that a sophisticated traveler would need. It also packs a USB port, a charging port for mobile devices so that you never have the emergency of running out of battery juice when it matters most. It can also connect to a TV or projector, should your trips involve the dull prospect of being business meetings. It also packs an integrated HDMI port to shoot video to other devices. Some of the other features include 1080p streaming, a 3-foot HDMI cable, a pair of USB cables that are 46 inches long and recoil, HDMI-CEC supporting devices can enable control of your smartphone or tablet with the TV remote.

There’s no mention about the price of the DVDO kit. It’s got a bundle of good things to keep your tantrums away.

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