Dunhill’s biometric wallet for those taking a stroll in a den of thieves

by Gareth Mankoo

There are some among you, our respected readers who thrive on the fact that your wallet is safe, no matter where you go with it. May be it’s because of a highly sensitive buttock that can sense any pickpocket’s touch or anything to that effect. But then there are the exact opposites who cannot spend a moment of respite in the company of any stranger because of paranoia. For such, is the Dunhill Biometric Wallet designed. It is accessible after a fingerprint scan is put into effect. The outer shell is solid carbon fiber, so there go those cheap blades for a toss. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and uses proximity to begin alarming you once you’re 5-meters away.

There’ no doubt it’s a classy affair from the inside. To get this paranoia-proof wallet, you’d need to splurge $825 on it.

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