Dumb woman sues Google because a car hits her

by iona

In a bizarre turn of events, Google has been named as a defendant in a road traffic lawsuit in America. Lauren Rosenberg, from Utah, is suing the driver of the car that hit her and Google, for telling her to cross the road in the first place. The plaintiff had accessed Google Maps on her mobile phone and was walking down a rural highway, alongside vehicles travelling at high speed, when she was hit. She is claiming that Google had a legal duty to warn her of the road’s potential dangers, and is now seeking over $100,000 reimbursement for medical expenses and lost wages. The case has become a sensation, with critics attacking Rosenberg for her own stupidity, whilst her lawyer is arguing that Google laid a “trap” with their unreliable walking instructions.

Google has no legal duty to warn pedestrians using Google Maps, but does include a disclaimer on its website to “use caution” and be aware that pedestrian paths may be missing.

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