Dude surgically mounts iPod to his arm

by Gavril Mankoo

Falling in love with a portable music player is commonplace; surgically implanting one in your hand however requires a stone-heart, numb-nerves and loads of guts. Well, Dave Hurban didn’t seem to mind however, and the man-drenched-in-body-art decided to step away from the ordinary by implanting an iPod Nano in his hand, all by himself! The Nano now serves as a wrist-watch that will simply never come off, without tearing out his skin in the bargain that is. From the video, the whole procedure seemed pretty painful and, just like every other body piercing, completely useless, though extremely unique.

We simple minded folk still prefer carrying and iPod Nano in our pockets or optionally when adventurous, strapping one to our wrists!

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