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Dude attaches Home Windows AC to his car

by Dhiram Shah

After three years of driving his car without an air conditioner, Scott Dawson an engineering student University of Houston decided to take things in his own hands and instead of paying $1200 to fix the air conditioner he came up with a novel idea. He bolted a home window A/C unit to the roof and wired it to the car.
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  1. Cool Hand Luke

    I like the “pose” in the last picture…
    What a hoser eh?
    He looks rather proud of his ghetto-fabulous AC…
    Whilst it is a novel solution to a problem, the time spent on wiring it and securing it could have been put to better use by other things.
    (such as making friends with a mechanic and getting a proper job done).
    This project is almost as cool as the wooden spoiler with screws and nails in random places that some dude put on his Prelude that I saw once (no joke)…


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