Dual SIM Buddha phone looks more like a compass

by Gareth Mankoo

For all the tech savvy Buddhist buddies here at NewLaunches, there couldn’t be anything sweeter for us to give. No we’re not gifting you, just letting you know that somewhere far away there lies a cool Buddha phone that looks just like a pocket watch from a century ago, or more like a compass. Though this isn’t the first phone to be themed with the ‘Buddha’ tag, it is way better than the ones that came before because of its compact size and features. These include a 1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio, media player, microSD expansion slot and Dual SIM support.

The best part of this phone is that it costs a mere $123, in spite of all the looks of a super expensive luxury phone. I feel that we are yet to see the best yet since Buddha phones are really in vogue.

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