DryBox resurrects your drenched phone and brings it back to life, the Lazarus way!

by Gavril Mankoo

No matter how hard we try, our phones do land up facing the cruelties of nature’s elements, including heavy showers during monsoons. That obviously means that the best of us have had our phones giving up on us after soaking right through. Wet dead phones without a speck of life could now be a thing of the past with the DryBox station, a device that promises to bring your drowned phone back to life, provided it isn’t physically damaged to the extreme.

The DryBox works in a pretty straight-forward way. All you need to do is turn your soaked phone off, pull out the battery, pop it inside the DryBox station and weight for about half-an-hour. The system sucks air out of the station’s chamber, turns up the heat and manages to remove all the water and moisture out of your phone. The DryBox is claimed to have an 80% success rate. The remaining 20% depends on your luck, the type of phone you use and the amount of water you let your phone swim in. Currently, the DryBox is present in just three stores and we’d love to see this phone-resurrection chamber show up at more spots around the globe.


[Via – Gadgetreview]

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