Drool-worthy 1980’s Batmobile Crazy Case for iPhone 6 from Bandai now available on Amazon

by Shayne Rana

Customized mobile phone cases are always the rage. It gives us the opportunity to redesign our phones (sort of) in a way that showcases our personalities or likes. While there are some truly unique designs out there, the one I’m highlighting is by far, the most awesome of the lot!

batmobile-iphone-6-case-1Enter the Batmobile Crazy Case for the iPhone 6; a very detailed, small-scale model replica of Tim Burtons 1980’s Batmobile and in my opinion, one the best depictions of the Batmobile to date! Not only is the meticulous detail on the case something to crave, but the fact that it features working lights and a canopy that slides open makes it drool worthy. Oh and did I mention it also has a little Bat Signal emanating from the rear, next to the jet turbine engine?

batmobile-iphone-6-case-2Designed and sold by Bandai, who also did a similar case in the form of the Tumbler from Nolan’s Batman series, this Batmobile case is available from Amazon.com for $130. Sure that seems like an off-putting price tag, but when you look at the design (check out the cool video below if you don’t believe me), it seems like it would be worth it for a true Bat-fan. Of course you’ll have to deal with a rather oversized iPhone, one that would never slid in to your pocket without leaving an ominous “bulge”, and one that won’t necessarily provide your handset with the highest of protection, then again, if you think about the number of Gold and Diamond studded iPhones out there, this one seems like a better collectible… in my opinion.