Drinkman, the hipflask disguised as a Sony Walkman

by Gavril Mankoo

The Sony Walkman, the best possible way to stay in touch with your musical side decades ago might’ve been pushed of the podium by the rise of smartphones and iPods these days, but that hasn’t kept the iconic device from the 80s from inspiring budding designers. Called the Drinkman, this cleverly designed hip flask is an ideal way to hide a decent amount of alcohol as you step inside drier areas like movie halls and classrooms. With a capacity of 150ml each, these well-disguised hip flasks also sports fake buttons on its side to further confound security personal frisking you off brain-numbing beverages. Also, there’s been no mention in regards to the pricing of this one yet, though we do expect the Drinkman to be an affordable way to sneak booze inside places that could certainly use a dash of alcohol to spice things up.