Dreambox 3D printing vending machine installed at the UC Berkeley campus

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s taking longer than we expected for the first affordable, compact and practical 3D printer to hit stores. Yet, we see many who are not even aware of the marvels of 3D printing. This is just why we applaud the arrival of the Dreambox, 3D printing vending machine. Established with efforts from the University of California, Berkeley, this amazing contraption offers everyone the opportunity to try and check out what the Dreambox can do, in actual. Doing so on pay-and-use 3D printer would set you back a good $15. That’s not all. The Dreambox adds innovation to the process by enabling users to upload a design they would like to see printed into the server, thus serving convenience. Post this, the printing procedure commences and the machine becomes ready to receive email. There are over 1000 models to choose from, which are pre-defined within the system.

You can print using bio-based polymer, nylon, wood, metal, etc. It could cost you a maximum of $3 to print from this cool contraption. The prices for lighter materials is even lesser. Why not head to Berkeley and try it out?

[Via – 3Dreambox]

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