Dream Jammies Use iPhone App to Monitor Your Sleep and Shake You Awake

by iona

If you actually enjoy being shaken awake by your loved one, then you might like to invest in a pair of Dream Jammies. Alexander Reeder’s technologically enhanced pajamas are connected by a series of wires that resemble some kind of hospital carnage, to an iPhone App that allows you to get shaken awake-up by someone connected to the other side – no matter how far away they may be. The Dream Jammies are fitted with motion sensors that can tell whether the wearer is standing up, laying down or tossing around in bed. The information about the Dream Jammie wearer is transmitted to their partner’s iPhone which indicates restful or restlessness via a colorful screen. If the partner shakes their iPhone, it wakes their sleeping partner.

Not recommended if you and your partner are prone to arguments, and they are likely to wake you at random times to bawl you out, or if you are having an affair. Too much movement could be hard to explain.

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