Dr. Frankenstein light switch plates makes you feel evil

by Gareth Mankoo

3DPrintingEgg sells something that will bring the evil genius in you crawling out. The Dr. Frankenstein light switch plate you see here is just what was needed in your cavernous, ancient dwelling space you call your lab. It is 3D-printed and looks quite authentic. We argue internally as to who has the best chance to pull this down. While some believe it is Igor all along, some also raise the point that the doctor himself would like to pull the lever and enjoy its ceremonious effects.

Dr-Frankenstein light switch plates 2
Pick the single switch for $10 a pop or a double or triple switch for $20. That done, all you need to make the perfect setup is a crazy-big run-down mansion, a trusted Igor (do not forget that he should be a real humpback) and a lot of lightning to kick that stitched up beast to life. Also, your all-important line: “It’s Alive!”
Dr-Frankenstein light switch plates 3

[Via – Geekologie]