Dots gloves make using your iphones in winter cold-free!

by Neha Tandon Sharma

I’m so glad there is finally something that would save the iPhones from being completely useless in the winters. When the weather is too cold, the last thing you would wanna do is get your hands out of your gloves to read or send a text or even make a call for that matter. That would make life quite difficult for iPhone users and hence someone rather empathetic and clever came out with a solution in the form of ‘Dots gloves’. Dots Gloves offers simple, inexpensive gloves adorned with metal dots that enable use of the iPhone, iPod and iTouch without direct finger contact. Your phone is free of scratches as the smooth, curved surface of the dots provides completely safe, scratchless use.

You can opt for either dots knit or dots ragg wool. Dots Knits are warm and thick, due to heavier weight fibres than similar gloves and costs $10 while Dots Ragg Wools are tough, thick-woven, and unbelievably warm yet it’s soft enough for complete comfort and retails for $15. Thanks to dots gloves I am not gonna make a fuss about texting or returning my calls even if I live in an igloo!
Via – Gizmodiva

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