“D’ope!” cries the Cana Chopper as it sniffs cannabis from the air

by Gareth Mankoo

If you think you can get away with the cannabis field without getting caught then you’re in a real soup. All the money that came in from the peddlers will soon be over since the Dutch have finally formulated something that suck you out of any trip! It’s called the Cana Chopper. This little unmanned helicopter is packed with odor and video detection instruments that help law enforcers to track down cannabis fields the moment it hovers over them. If you feel that it’s a damn rumor then get a load of this, the chopper has already managed to nab seven illegal weed growers in the Netherlands.

A report clams that only 10% of the weed grown in the country is legally cultivated. The rest makes easy money for peddlers and smugglers.

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