‘Door Hand-le’ door handle can freak you out

by Gareth Mankoo

If you wish to blend futuristic design with a touch of Gothic horror then the ‘Door Hand-le’ can well come to your aide. It looks like a metallic hand that’s sticking out of/through your door with a very inviting prospect of a handshake. There may be some who have a fear of shaking hands with cold metallic palm. However, I do wish it did more like tighten its grip or even twist your wrist as and when set to do so. The ‘Door Hand-le’ is designed by Naomi Thellier de Poncheville for the London Design Festival.

When I first looked at the name of this door handle I remembered my days in India where ‘le’ meant take. And ‘Hand-le’ looks like just the message that this freaky door handle wants to send across.