Don’t turn on the lights says Google!

by Dhiram Shah

With the world conserving energies right left and center it comes as no surprise to see our very own favorite search engine Google go Blackle! Yes that’s exactly what the black version of its search engine is called. Now that I have already set the grey cells in your brain ticking, it would also interest you to know why they have chosen to go blackle, oops I mean black. Apparently, an all white computer screen, such as an empty Word page, or the Google page, uses 74 watts to display, whereas a black screen consumes only 59 watts. In due course it was apparently figured that the energy saving would be 750 Megawatt hours per year if Google had a black screen.

I would have fallen for that but the Wall Street Journal begs to differ. They did some of their own calculations, which challenge the energy-saving claims of Blackle. They did some tests using Blackle, Google and the New York Times on a CTD and LCD monitor and found the difference “so slight as to be within the margin of error for the power meter”.

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