A fireproof and shock adsorbent coat for large dogs to keep them safe in disasters

by Shayne Rana

While this bit of pet-tech, if we can even call it that, might not necessarily be for the regular dog-next-door pet owner, it most certainly has potential for the working dog who put their lives on the line for their best friends i.e. man. This all new doggy coat is just what the life saving canines of the world need, the regular Underdogs, if you will. This, Japan’s first disaster prevention cloak for dogs is, at the moment, only designed for larger dogs, but I’m sure it’ll make it’s way to smaller versions as well sooner or later.

The body coat is specially design to withstand fire and even protect man’s best friend from the cold harsh winters. The material used aside from being fireproof, also features a 15 mm thick shock-absorbing cushion. Complete with headgear this Velcro attachable doggy-gear is perfect for the hero-dogs established in various disaster management duties. It’s priced at $207 (¥ 20,790) which seems quite worth it to keep our furry friends safe from the elements.


[Available at Retriever Via Itmedia]

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