Document related to future “Xbox 720” leaked; hints at native 3D and augmented reality

by Gavril Mankoo

Like every other leak that surfaces and spreads tidings (at times untrue) of upcoming devices, a document related to Microsoft’s future gaming console has been riding the high wave lately. Hinting at the crafting of a so-called Xbox 720, the document mentions developments including cloud-based entertainment, native 3D, augmented reality “Fortaleza Glasses,” scalable hardware and more and states these to show up by 2015. Also, this one’s stated to boast Blu-ray and whole-home DVR features and will include a “Yukon” ARM hardware platform-based always-on box.

The document also mentions the surfacing of next-generation hardware in 2013 with a four-way-ready Kinect 2 included with a price tag of $299. And then again, if you’re as cynical as us, this could jolly well be a cleverly pieced hoax.