D-Link SmartBeam HD Media router enhances quality wireless entertainment

by Gareth Mankoo

The all new baby from D-Link is the SmartBeam HD Media router that packs the company’s SmartBeam technology. Thus, users can make the most of the stable and interference-free wireless connection from anywhere. It assures enough efficiency to face its wired counterparts. Now, that means less dropped data packets and hence more reliability. It achieves this by leveraging the SmartBeam technology to survey signal strength continuously, ensuring it is strong. The route with in-built DLNA is specially made to stream movies and games, wirelessly. And lastly, it also packs a SD card slot.

The D-Link SmartBeam HD router will cost you something between £80 ($125) to £109 ($170) for the DIR-645 model and £90 ($141) to £122 ($191) for the DIR-657.