D-Link Powerline DHP-303 Ethernet uses power lines for secure internet

by mohsin

A couple of years back a new kind of Ethernet was making its mark, traditional LAN requires the use of and installation of a network of wires to get computers online. This new system did not require the investment and relied more on existing wiring via the electric copper cabling present in all homes and offices. D-Link seems to have woken up to the potential of electric Ethernet and has launched the PLC Powerline DHP-303 Ethernet plug. Not all areas of a home are accessible to Wi-Fi and rewiring a LAN connection is also a headache, this device eliminates this need and uses existent technology to deliver. It features added security at the flip of a switch while utilizing very less energy.

The DHP-303 Ethernet plug is an ideal system for low standard QoS engine that will enrich the VOIP and HD viewing experience.
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