Divabot May be Perfect Girlfriend for Techno-Geeks

by iona

So, I thought a robot bear was scary until I saw this. The latest release from Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the HRP-4C, or Divabot, is a female bot with an eerily realistic face and moveable features – although I must ask the age old chicken-egg question – does Divabot resemble a Japanese female, or do Japanese girls tend to resemble the robotic? Divabot utilises software that allows anyone to programme and manipulate her movements using a simple click of the mouse. With VocalListener software designed by the Japanese institute specifically for the HRP-4C, Divabot can imitate a human singing voice and even breathe realistically. Vocawatcher software analyzes human facial expressions so that Divabot creates expressions “naturally”.

I guess Divabot will have huge purchasing power in the land of otaku (geeks), especially judging the success of the “Love Plus” dating concept earlier this summer. But in the words of the luscious Shania: man, does she feel like a woman?

Via – [Gizmodiva]