Dissecting the iPhone 3G video, new stuff discovered

by yogesh

While many of us have received the new iPhone video in our mailbox, few have actually sat down to dissect it. Allow me to pint out a few new revelations in the video.
– The bottom of the new iPhone 3G reveals new audio components.
– The left side grill is the speaker and the right hand side is the microphone.
– Apple declares, “Greatly enhanced” audio from the new hardware.
– Two small screws on the bottom of the device on either side of the standard docking connector are noticed.
– For a company that is known to hide all the screws in its designs (iPod, first-gen iPhone), theses screws definitely have a deeper meaning although we cant put our finger to it yet.
– The view of the iTunes AppStore reveals an AOL instant messenger application that is available for free and was originally demonstrated on a March 6, 2008 demo.
– The longer guided tour video also points out a new feature of the iPhone OS 2.0 software. While on an airplane that supports WiFi access you can turn WiFi on without leaving Airplane mode. Cellular and Bluetooth connectivity remain disabled when this option is invoked.

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