Disney’s liquid filled cases can add that extra cuteness quotient to your iPhone for just $21

by Shayne Rana

The innovations and eccentricities available for the iPhone and its accessory environment keep getting broader day by day and the latest comes from the fantastically animated world of Disney with their all new Apple smartphone cases. What makes these cases so unique and “interesting” (I’m using the term quit loosely, hence the quotes) is that they’re liquid filled, like a snowglobe (sort of) and feature famous characters from the various animated movies and TV shows bobbing about inside.

Floating around on a blue liquid encased inside these transparent phone protectors, customers will have the options of choosing their favourite characters from Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Frozen, and the old classic, Mickey Mouse. These clear cases, I have to admit do look quite snazzy with the blue liquid moving around, I’m just not entirely sure about the little cartoons floating around inside though. Along with each case, a clear sticker-type sheet is also included which features the charter or film name. If you think that’s a little too much for you, you can simply avoid pasting it and use the case as is. It’s not like anyone would need to recall the names of these famous characters anyway.
Priced at about $21 (2,600 yen) each, these Disney cases are available from the manufacturer, Hamee in Japan, via the website Strapya.com. In case you happen to be elsewhere on the planet you can head on over to the global website Strapya-World.com for international shipping

[Via – Rocket News]