Disney working on AVATAR Land complete with interactive surroundings and bio-luminescent visuals

by Shayne Rana

The breathtaking planet of Pandora from James Cameron’s Sci-fi, super CG, action packed movie Avatar might soon become a reality. Theme Park fans and anyone who’s seen the epic movie will be happy to hear that the Planet of Pandora might soon come to life as Disney just might be in the process of working it out on a life-size scale. AVATAR Land could be Disney’s next big theme park that’s just as immersive as the others and maybe more so.

Knowing Disney, the chances that this would become as true to life as possible are quite high. Concept ideas floating around indicate that one could stroll down through the foliage of Pandora and even interact with surrounds. There’s even talk of taking a little jaunt in a boat along a bio-luminescent stream and maybe you might also fancy a ride on a Banshee, the dragon-like flying beasts of the Navi. The Navi’s HomeTree will also be in the mix as Disney already features a similar structure in Orlando which sits in the center of their Animal Kingdom park that might be replicated for Pandora. As of now the AVATAR Land theme park seems a little far fetched but you never know. Interactive landscapes, floating forests, bio-luminescent surroundings and even the animals might take some doing on Disney’s part but their animatronics division is pretty cutting edge. I’m of the opinion that it’s not going to be easy and while the reality of the park might not be exactly like what you see in the movie, it’s still going to be extremely entertaining. The video gallery below should shed some light on what they have in mind. The park is rumored to have an opening date sometime in 2016, fingers crossed. All I know is it’s going to be epic!






[Via – Dvice]

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