Discpod Blank CD dispenser

by Dhiram Shah

DiscPod from Unizeal Sound Electronics Taiwan is a CD/DVD blank media dispenser. Forget the task of opening the CD case-here you can have the media in a matter of seconds. You can stack upto 100 blank CD’s or DVD’s. Operation is very simple-place the CD spindle case on the machine and with just one click you have the CD out. With the spindle cover the media is protected from Dust, etc. With dimensions approximately 185 x 155 x 75mm (width x depth x height), the DiscPod weighs 260g and will be available from April 2nd in Japan for approximately 2,100 yen. ($ 16)

Via – Landport


  1. Darrell G. Rademacher

    I am interested in the CD dispenser.

  2. Kev

    These are awesome makes a stack of blanks look good and it works great too!!!

  3. Darrell G. Rademacher

    We are interesed in purchasing your dispenser and automating it for vending.


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