Digitsole Smartshoes nearly match up to those of Marty McFly’s

by Gareth Mankoo

What would you expect from shoes if they went smart? Well, Digitsole Smartshoes know what they can offer and it looks rather good from here. They claim to be the first ‘connected, interactive, heated and shock absorbent’ shoes that also offer automatic tightening so that you have little to no reason to complain about. What’s more is that all these attributes can be controlled and calculated via your smartphone. There are three different designs of the Smartshoe to suit your palette. They’ve got shoes, sneakers and pumps as well. The shoes charge wirelessly and also serve to track your daily activity. This includes computing the calories you have burned while also absorbing shocks and measuring the shocks absorbed. The coolest feature we liked in the Digitsole shoes is the automatic tightening.

flyer stansmith
The company is planning a pre-sale where 1000 pairs of Smartshoes will be up for grabs at a special price for the real fans of the technology. This will take place on February 1st, between 6 pm and 12 pm ET on the Digitsole Online Store.
flyer escarpin

[ Via : Digitsole ]

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