Digital Sun Dial

by Dhiram Shah

In a singular blend of artistry and utility, the digital sundial combines the ancient science of sundials and advances of modern technology with elegant simplicity. Like a digital clock, the digital sundial displays the current time using digits. In the true tradition of all sundials, the device is purely passive – it operates without electricity, and has no moving parts. Instead, the sunlight is cast through two cleverly designed masks in the shape of numbers that show the current time of day. The sundial is available in two versions, for use in either hemisphere. Placed on the inside of a south-facing window (north-facing in the southern hemisphere), the sundial can be read through the horizontal mirror. The display updates every 10 minutes, and gives a remarkably accurate record of the time during the daylight hours.

Designed and built in Germany, the digital sundial is a precision instrument. To ensure maximum quality and a highly accurate time display, each sundial is manufactured by hand to extremely precise specifications. The digital sundial is designed for indoor use and ships with both a window mount and a tabletop mount, which are preset to your geographic location. Either mount positions the sundial at the proper angle, and positions the mirror horizontally below. The window version is about 6″ high and 3″ wide; the tabletop version is about 3″ high.