Digital Cowboy DCT-DPM1 Dual pointer mouse

by Dhiram Shah

Digital Cowboy Japan has announced the DCT-DPM1 which is the world’s first dual pointer mouse. So you can operate two mouse pointer with a single mouse. When you install the driver you get two mouse cursors and you can shift between the two by using a button located on the left side of the mouse. The mouse has 800dpi optical sensor and 5 buttons there are two sets of right and left buttons located one above the other. So it the dual pointer mouse really practical or another fancy gadget. With two cursors you can really work fast in applications like Photoshop, Excel, 3D Max for eg – In Excel with one cursor you can select the cells and with the other select the required option. So you dont have to move the cursor back to the cells just press the button on the left and activate the other cursor.

The Digital Cowboy DCT-DPM1 mouse is compatible with Windows
only and will be available by March end in Japan for 3,000 Yen ($ 25)
Via – Digital

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