Digital Thermometer use within your business

by Staff

Using certain digital thermometers in a workplace offers a way for businesses to help keep staff and customers staff. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, interest in how particular digital thermometers can be of use day by day has soared. This is understandable as when used as part of a wider Covid-19 safety plan, non-contact infrared digital thermometers can be a very useful tool. That’s why it’s important to understand how non-contact infrared digital thermometers could be useful in your business.

The Current Security Challenge Businesses Face
The reality is every day businesses across the community have to deal with security challenges. Businesses need to make sure their premises are safe as can be. They need to see equipment is secured, and oftentimes there are many extra measures of protection required, such as the need to protect key information. But with Covid-19 every business has had to encounter a similar security challenge that is incredibly complex. One that involves a pandemic and its associated health risks.

The Different Types of Digital Thermometers
It’s important to understand the differences that exist among digital thermometers in order to find the right one for your business. There are digital thermometers that require physical contact in order to take a temperature reading. Then there are non-contact (aka non-touch) infrared digital thermometers which do not require physical contact to take a temperature reading. By using a non-contact infrared digital thermometer it’s possible for businesses to take temperature readings of staff and customers without physical contact occurring from one person to the next. By avoiding physical contact and the sharing of medical instruments, this helps minimise the risk of Covid-19 spreading in the event an individual did have the virus.

A Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer Can Help Detect Danger
A non-contact infrared digital thermometer can help detect the Covid-19 symptom of an elevated temperature, and help increase safety at the workplace. Because every person can be tested with a non-contact infrared digital thermometer once they arrive at the premises, in the event someone shows an elevated temperature they can be instructed to immediately remove themselves from the premises and to go get tested for Covid-19.

One Tool in the Toolkit
Although a non-contact infrared digital thermometer can be a useful tool in potentially detecting Covid-19 it is necessary to remember that there are individuals who may have Covid-19 that display no symptoms. So while a non-contact infrared digital thermometer can help detect the virus, if someone has any other symptoms – or concerns they may have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 – they should go and get tested even if they do not have a higher temperature.

Why Non-Digital Won’t Do
As well as non-digital thermometers being unsuitable for workplace tests as they require physical contact to take a reading, non-digital thermometers may also contain mercury. This is an additional health concern that can pose very serious risks. If there is any direct physical contact with mercury – or even inhalation of it via a minor crack in a glass thermometer – it can cause serious harm to a person. With non-contact infrared digital thermometers, there is no need for physical contact and no mercury present.

Enhancing Defences Against Covid-19
Non-contact digital infrared thermometers can help enhance a businesses defences against Covid-19. The security challenges Covid-19 presents are significant, given it’s the first pandemic we’ve had in generations. But when a business uses a non-contact infrared digital thermometer it’s possible to detect the Covid-19 symptom of an elevated temperature. The business can then instruct anyone who has this symptom to depart the workplace immediately and go get tested. This is how using a non-contact infrared digital thermometer within a wider Covid-19 safety plan can help keep everyone safe, and why they can be such a useful tool.

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