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Diamond studded Motorola KRZR

by Dhiram Shah

Catching on the Bling bandwagon Peter Aloisson created the Diamond Crypto Smartphone. His creativity got the better of him and now he has designed the Motorola KRZR encrusted with diamonds. He has come out with three variants of the phone- KRZR White, KRZR Leopard and KRZR Roma. Taking Bling to new tizzy heights, these phones look phenomenal in their new look.

When his earlier creation costed a whopping 1.3 million Dollars I wouldn’t want to take a guess what these would cost.
Via – Luxurylaunches

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  1. Diamond-Encrusted KRZR For The Rich and Heartless

    As if owning a Motorola KRZR doesn’t already make you a tool, why not outfit it with enough diamonds to make the regent of Siam jealous? That’s exactly what Peter Aloisson did when he created the KRZR White, KRZR Leopard…


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