Diamond covered Mercedes SL Class

by Dhiram Shah

A Merc convertible does turn heads but when you have a flashy, glitzy, diamond covered Mercedes SL class you halt the traffic. The SL legend began over 50 years ago and to celebrate 50 years the limited edition Mercedes-Benz SL550 was announced. Coming back to the diamond covered Mercedes SL it was on display in an overseas auto show. No confirmed report on the diamonds being real or fake; this dazzling beauty would anyways be costing millions even if fake diamonds are used.

No idea on the pricing or availability but we do think that Paris Hilton might be interested.
Via – Luxurylaunches


  1. yaya

    This is a serious auto, will definetly cause accidents.

  2. Mercedes

    This car might look like it has DIAMONDS, but yall may not NO are they just FAKE?

  3. Casey

    Yeah, I have to AGREE with my girl Mercedes.This car is UGLY!!!!!!!!

  4. elle

    hi, just thought i would say that you people need to get to some eyes testing done…this car is amazing. i want one :):)

  5. stace

    omg this car is one of a kind how anyone one can say this car is ugly needs there eyes testin ok it might be fake but it still looks good.

  6. mick

    it looks as tackey as the cars that change colour
    in different light situations

  7. trev

    how can any one like that hope the person who buys it doesnt put it through acar wash

  8. Michele

    I want!!! This a “Drag Queen’s Car!!!

  9. david mcglinchey

    think the wife has just added this to the crimbo list

  10. swhite

    i just seen this shit at the DUB show in boston today, shits fiiire idc if its fake

  11. Madison

    That car is HOTT!! I so wnat it!!!! I really dont know if its fake but i still want it!!!

  12. Doubleup

    This is ya nigga R. Kelly, yall don’t know about this car, man. this is my main ride, cept in mine, the steerin wheels be in the middle so the two bitches be on both sides of my dick, like bitch lets smoke this blunt and fuck…….ok no seriously if your black and you like diamonds you need to check yourself. some rich white guys got you by the balls e’rybody.

  13. Annette

    Forget about the car… can anyone still spell in this world? An education is a sad thing to waste, guys and gals.

  14. Damien

    This Car is da bomb man!!!!!

  15. ME

    After seeing “Blood Diamond” I wont purchase another diamond

  16. TeeZee

    Yo look at the first pic and the next pic and tell me if you notice a difference… How tf in the world are there 2 different sets of rims on that car????… Someone explain that shyt to me… Something ain’t right bout these pictures… Unless they swapped tires at the show?…


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