Dessert Dispenser that Serves Ice Cream when you Smile

by iona

Introducing an ice machine that responds to smiles. Sapient Nitro has teamed up with Unilever on a machine that will dispense your frosty desserts when you give it a warm look. Currently being showcased at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the device has a screen at the front which decks your face out with mustaches and other kinds of disguise, prompting you to giggle before it’ll give you your pud. Photos are uploaded on Facebook and if you can find or recognise yourself amongst the gallery of mugshots, you can tag the snap for your mates to laugh at too – only they won’t receive an ice cream for their efforts.

The machines will be popping up in high footfall locations, like shopping malls, over the next 18 months. Unfortunately, hard cash, not just winning smiles, will be necessary to score dessert.

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