Desktop Fireworks concept turns your workspace into a mini-party

by Gavril Mankoo

Why wait for the New Year or for Independence Day to enjoy a spectacular show of fireworks when you can arrange one of these every day? Behold the 21st century’s answer to workspace stress, the Desktop Fireworks concept! Designed by UK-based Japanese designer Tomomi Sayuda, this concept was designed to make your work desk a lot more fun than it already is! To do this, Sayuda came up with fun lighting solutions and confetti sprayers disguised as regular stationary and office supplies! To begin the desktop party, all a user needs to do is press a big panic button that sets into motion this little private party!

Complete with colorful lights, music, bubbles and confetti, the Desktop Fireworks concept promises to make your workspace fun! We think this one works best on a Friday evening, just when you’re about to leave your desk to head down to the bar. The concept has sentimental value for its designer, Tomomi Sayuda, who came up with this as a tribute to his father who passed away at work due to stress. “This is dedicated to my father Kenichi Sayuda, who committed suicide on 8th July 1995 – aged 37, due to his stress at work,” says Sayuda. We love the concept and will certainly have one placed on our desks, as soon as it hits stores!



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