This desk lamp is a lovechild of an R2-D2 droid and a Transformer

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s been a while we’ve shared something from the house of ThinkGeek with you. But when we set our eyes on this desk lamp, we couldn’t help but think of how you totally need to see this. It sure does have more R2-D2 DNA in it but it also does look like something that could fold into a complete bot, sans the awkward neck. The angular, almost robotic arm-like bends make the lamp a great addition to your desk, especially if you’re into industrial design, mechanics or plain geekdom. Burning the midnight oil is never too tiresome when you have some company from a galaxy far, far away. The lamp holds up a 13 Watt compact florescent CF bulb or maybe a 40 watt incandescent type-A bulb. The 60-inch long cord makes it possible to perch this desk-side companion wherever you may please.

Just make sure that you have enough room to place the 25.5-inch tall lamp. It will cost you a cent under $60 at ThinkGeek.

[ Via : Slashgear ]

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