DesignREM First USB Keylogger

by Dhiram Shah

KeyPhantom has announced the release of its hardware USB keylogger device. It looks like a normal USB extension cable, it has 128 kb of Flash memory which can store 128,000 keystrokes enough for 2 weeks of typing. As the keystrokes are stored Keylogger itself they are safe from System failure, Power cut etc. You can download the previously recorded keystrokes by using an access password to download the keystroke log. As well as recording USB data, the device also doubles as a 500mm long USB extension cable. It’s available in three different versions: KeyPhantom Home ($199) is designed for home users, recording all USB keystrokes on any PC; KeyPhantom Corporate ($269) is designed for businesses, recording and encrypting all USB keystrokes on any PC; while KeyPhantom Forensic ($349).

The key features are:
. Records USB traffic at a hardware level; device looks like a USB extension cable.
. Installs in seconds.
. Can be installed even if the computer is switched off.
. Designed with the home user in mind.
. 128Kb of memory (approximately 2 weeks of keystrokes).
. Works with any version of Windows, or Linux.
. Keystrokes can be recorded on one computer, and retrieved on another.
. Keystrokes are safe, even if the host computer experiences a hardware or operating system failure.
The Keylogger can be purchased online at
Via – PCLaunches

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