Denso Corp’s seat cushions make icy winters and sweltering summers comfortable

by Gavril Mankoo

The next time your car’s adamant heating and cooling system fails you, pay no heed to its whims and whines. Instead, chuck your old seat cushions away and make room for these Cool & Warm Cushions by Denso Corp that is designed to keep you cool in warm weather and vice versa. Now this mightn’t be as effective as your air-conditioning system, but it sure does keep you pretty comfortable until you can finally rake up enough dough to have your old air-conditioner replaced. With a backrest measuring 310 (W) x 225-295mm (H) while the seat measures 377 (W) x 405-475mm (D), this one operates between -10 to 40°C.The cushion sports a fan on the bottom that makes use of the air from the air-conditioner to further warm you or vice versa as required. No details on the pricing yet, while the company plans to sell about 5,000 units a year.