Denon Announces Two New High-Performance Stereo Components

by Shayne Rana

Recently Denon announced their new line of high-performance stereo components namely the DENON PMA2010AE amplifier and their new Super Audio CD player called the DCD-2010AE. What sets the DCD-2010AE apart from other players isn’t that it simply comes with a built in iPod friendly USB port which can be considered ‘Mundane’ in this day and age but what this system does is use a direct digital feed from your player to the system bypassing its own circuitry and to sweeten the deal the DCD-2010AE uses Denon’s high-grade 32-bit/192kHz DA converters, Advanced AL32 Processor and other proprietary audio circuits to enhance the audio just a little bit to provide for better quality. If you’re not a particular fan of the iPod’s audio quality this might put a whole new spin on things. The second component i.e. the DENON PMA2010AE integrated amplifier, aside from sporting a newly-engineered, vibration-resistant, twin monaural ax symmetric form also features UHC (Ultra High Current) MOS circuitry. Simply put it’s designed to provide a much better balance of audio for a much better sound experience and offer listeners a full dynamic range of tones in better detail.

Both components are respectively priced at £1699.99 ($2829.56), give or take a few Pounds that won’t matter. Denon’s new deadly-duo has nothing but your best audio interest at heart.