Denon announces first Network Music System, the CEOL RCD-N7, it’s loaded with connectivity goodies

by Shayne Rana

100 years down the line and Denon’s got still got big surprises for the music loving audiophiles that they so love catering to. They’ve just unveiled the first Denon Network Music System called the CEOL RCD-N7. It’s loaded with options from network music streaming, Internet Radio, iPod/iPhone docking, USB connectivity, AirPlay (via a feature upgrade) and the list goes on. The CEOL is a compact device with all kinds of connectivity as I mentioned. It’s actually network CD receiver slash iPod dock. It has an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi (WPS) capabilities so you can hook it up to the net or your computer to stream music from your PC via DLNA or even tune into your favorite internet radio channel. And of course it has the… yawn… more mundane music player functions like reading CDs, USB devices with music file and an FM/AM radio.

The RCD-N7 is also an eco-friendly device as its standby power is below 0.4W which helping eliminate unnecessary power consumption. It’ll be available in a white color finish from this November with a price tag of about $955 (£600) just on time for the holiday rush. Also sold separately is the SC-N7 speaker set that’s designed with Denon’s “simple & straight” circuit design to optimize performance in sound quality.
Andy Giles Associates